National Organization for Marriage Denounces California Supreme Court Decision Not to Consider Viability of Proposition 8


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"Same-sex marriage in California is illegitimate, imposed by judicial activists in opposition to the expressed will of the people. The nation, and the rule of law, are worse for it." — Brian Brown, NOM president —

National Organization for Marriage

Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today denounced the California Supreme Court's refusal to consider whether a single federal judge can invalidate a statewide vote enacting Proposition 8, which was adopted by over 7 million Californians.

"The ruling is very disappointing but not unexpected. Unfortunately, a million Californians, redefining marriage in direct contravention of the expressed will of the people. Same-sex marriage in California is illegitimate, imposed by judicial activists in direct opposition to the expressed will of the people. California, the nation, and the rule of law are worse for it," declared Brian Brown, NOM's president.

Proposition 8, amending California's State Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, was passed in 2008 with over 7 million votes. It marked the second time Californians had voted to preserve the true definition of marriage. (In 2000, voters enacted Proposition 22, a statute.) Despite this, a homosexual federal judge engaged in a long-term gay relationship declared that the measure was unconstitutional. Because the state officials responsible for defending Proposition 8 abandoned their oath of office and refused to do so, it fell to the proponents of the measure to defend the initiative through the federal court system. However, the US Supreme Court decided that the proponents did not have legal standing to appeal the trail court ruling invalidating Prop 8. Yesterday the state Supreme Court declined to consider whether state law allows a single trail judge to invalidate the measure.

"The way that activist judges have dealt with Proposition 8 is a travesty of justice and undermines the rule of law and the democratic process itself," Brown said. "The legitimate votes of 7 million Californians, and their fair-minded, reasonable position that marriage should be defined as the union of one man and one woman, have been trampled underfoot by derelict politicians and activist judges. However, this is not the end of the debate. No judge or politician can redefine what God has created. NOM and our allies will work to make sure the people of California, and other states where marriage has been redefined have a voice speaking for true marriage. So-called same-sex 'marriage' is a political creation; it doesn't exist in reality. Eventually it will fall, and we will restore natural marriage in California."


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