Why Didn't You Hear About This?


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

On Monday I wrote to you about all the good things happening in defense of marriage and asked you to make a donation in support of NOM's work to bolster these efforts around the country.

Here's another good thing you probably haven't heard about: two major polls demonstrate that the majority of Americans believe marriage SHOULD NOT BE redefined.

First, a Rice University poll has surfaced showing that a majority of Americans — 53% — STILL believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman! This comparative study demonstrates that the idea that droves of Americans are changing their minds in favor of redefining marriage is a myth.

And today news of a recent Fox News poll has come to light that is even better. Fox asked the question, Would you approve or disapprove of changing the definition of the word marriage to also include same-sex couples?

56% said they would disapprove, while only 39% would approve!

You are not alone. We are winning this battle in the hearts and minds of every day Americans like you.

But the results of these surveys are being largely ignored in the media because they don't fit into the drum beat that says same-sex 'marriage' is "inevitable."

It is this lie of "inevitability" that we need your financial help to overcome. You may remember NOM's five-point plan I outlined several weeks ago. Point #5 is winning the battle in the court of public opinion — to overcome the false perception of "inevitability." These polls prove we are winning this battle.

Supporter, that's why we need your support. The only way we are going to be able to overcome the extremely well-funded group of extremists and a complicit media pushing this radical agenda is if we have sufficient resources to get our message out.

Won't you please make an immediate, generous donation to NOM to support our work today?

We must rally the religious, grassroots base of America to stand up for marriage. We must get on the airwaves and make sure people understand the nature and purpose of marriage and the consequences of redefining it. We must continue win in the court of public opinion.

So, please, consider making a generous donation to NOM so that we can continue building on all the positives in the fight to defend marriage.

Remember, when you make your gift, if you check the box on the donate page indicating that you want your donation to be an automatic, monthly, recurring gift, we will send you a free copy of NOM co-founder Robbie George's book, What is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense — the best resource out there for anyone interested in defending marriage.

God bless you for all you have done in defense of marriage!


Brian S. Brown

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