"Serial, Frivolous Case Filer" Targets NOM


What's the best way to weaken and silence those you disagree with? Intimidation and threats, of course. At least that's what some same-sex marriage activists believe. "Serial, frivolous case filer" Fred Karger is well aware of the important work that NOM has done, and continues to do, to protect marriage across the nation. He also knows there are millions of Americans who support our mission. Now he's making his agenda clear:

A homosexual activist is attempting to weaken the National Organization for Marriage and eat away at its donor list.

Fred-Karger“This same gentleman, an openly gay activist who fancies himself president of the United States one day, has filed similar complaints in Maine and California,” says [NOM regional director Chris Plante]. “And at no time has NOM been found guilty of any wrongdoing.”

“It's an effort to silence people who would stand for marriage in the public square,” says Plante, “who would criticize and critique our politicians and judges who redefine marriage against the will of the people.

The complaint stems from NOM's successful work to oust three activist Iowa Supreme Court justices who legalized homosexual marriage from the bench.

“I spoke with the gentleman who filed the complaint and he was quite honest,” Plante tells OneNewsNow. “He said, My effort is to dry up your funding stream and silence your voice. And he knows that by forcing NOM to reveal donors, which we do not have to do under the law, will certainly scare people from donating.” -One News Now

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