New Mexico County Clerk Breaks Law; Issues Same-Sex Marriage Licenses


First Pennsylvania, now New Mexico. Another county clerk has taken it upon himself to completely ignore state law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. ABC News:

Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins said his office had provided 35 licenses to same-sex couples compared to four or five given on an average day to heterosexual couples.

Wecome to New MexicoEllins said he had been considering issuing the licenses since June, when [New Mexico Attorney General Gary] King released a position paper saying state laws don't allow same-sex marriage.

Ellins, however, said "any further denial of marriage licenses to these couples violates the United States and New Mexico Constitution and the New Mexico Human Rights Act."

"I see no reason to make committed couples in Dona Ana County wait another minute to marry," he added in his statement.

Still, [King] warned that marriage licenses issued by county clerks could become invalid if the state Supreme Court later rules that same-sex marriage is not allowed.

Take action to STOP this reckless behavior in Dona Ana County. Email Governor Martinez and urge her to intervene so the rule of law and the rightful definition of marriage can be restored in New Mexico.

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