Take Immediate Action To Stop Discrimination Against Pro-Family Groups


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The California Legislature is at it again, this time considering legislation that would strip groups of their tax exemption if their beliefs and practices don't affirm concepts like "gender identity" and gay "marriage" and other ideas that fly in the face of the teachings of virtually every faith tradition. SB 323 was originally aimed at the Boy Scouts, falsely claiming that they engaged in discriminatory practices by supposedly not accepting homosexual members.

But the fact is that the bill would punish any type of group with traditional values, and allow only liberal groups that affirm the homosexual agenda to enjoy a tax exemption.

SB 323 is an example of what happens when marriage is redefined, as tragically happened when the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of the Proposition 8 case. Seven million Californians had their victory for marriage stolen by a single, rogue federal judge in San Francisco — someone who himself was engaged in a long term homosexual relationship just like those who were challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8. Because the state officials responsible for defending Prop 8 refused to do so, and because a bare majority of the Supreme Court said the proponents of the initiative couldn't defend it, the decision of this lone judge was allowed to stand, redefining marriage over the express determination of the people themselves.

It's no wonder that the main group that opposed Proposition 8, the mis-named Equality California, is the same group that is sponsoring SB 323. They, with their allies, want to silence faith groups and those who stand in the public square for a traditional view of sexual morality. In fact, they'd like to punish us by stripping faith groups of their tax exemption.

Think about how outrageous this legislation really is. Groups that have historically fed the hungry, housed the homeless, cared for orphans, educated the young, and tended the sick are all being targeted by homosexual advocates who demand conformance to their narrow agenda. No matter the incredible service that church groups and those who hold a traditional set of values and beliefs have performed for society and youth, they are to be punished if some state official determines that they "discriminate" by not going along with the gay lobby's agenda.

It is imperative that we all fight back now by contacting our state Assembly representative and urging him or her to oppose SB 323. It's unfair, un-American, one-sided and frankly outrageous. Contact your representative here.

We have a real chance of stopping this legislation, but we need you to act immediately. Please act this very minute to contact your Assembly representative.

Now that homosexual marriage advocates have gotten the courts to do their dirty work and impose same-sex 'marriage,' they now are focusing their efforts on silencing all those who oppose them. And make no mistake, that's exactly what SB 323 is intended to do.

Already in other states, we've seen lawsuits by government officials and gay advocates against florists, photographers, inn keepers, bakers, churches and others, all because they don't want to personally participate in same-sex ceremonies. We expect similar actions in California. But no state has yet gone as far as the bullies behind SB 323 in California who want to put their opponents out of business, and allow only groups that embrace a homosexual-friendly agenda to enjoy a tax exemption.

We can't let them get away with this. And with your help, they won't get away with it. Please contact your state Assembly representative immediately and demand that he or she oppose SB 323.

Thank you for your attention to this critically important issue.


Brian S. Brown

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