Scottish Parliament "Fast Tracking" Bill to Redefine Marriage


Think the Scottish Parliament may have heard about Scotland for Marriage's 50,000-strong petition to protect the definition of marriage as husband and wife? A bill to redefine marriage is suddenly being “fast-tracked” through the legislature.

Scottish Parliament, EdinburghAccording to the Herald newspaper, MSPs will hold double evidence sessions on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill, with early start times.

A critic of the plans warned that law made “in haste” does not provide good legislation.

...John Deighan, parliamentary officer for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, cautioned: “You can only see this as undue haste.

“It looks like a bandwagon that no-one has been minded to take in the right direction.

“They ought to remember that if you make law in haste you do not get the best legislation.” -Christian Institute

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