UK’s New Chief Rabbi: Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman


Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the new Chief Rabbi of Britain, laid out the distinct differences between men and woman in an interview with the BBC this past weekend. Rabbi Mirvis also affirmed traditional Jewish values by promoting natural marriage as the foundation for strengthening families:

Stained glass Star of David“We have a clear Biblical definition of marriage which is the union of one man and one woman and through that we value traditional family life," Rabbi Mirvis told the BBC in an interview before Sunday’s installation ceremony.

“But I would like to reiterate our genuine sentiment to every single Jewish man and woman: you have a home in our synagogue and we will make you feel comfortable regardless of who you are.”

He added that while he wanted to offer women a greater role in Orthodox Judaism, he opposed female ordination. "Equality is what we strive for but when we talk about equality, it is not uniformity."

“When we talk for example of men and women and the opportunity within synagogues and within community life there are clear roles that different people can play and in that way each of us can achieve his or her own amazing potential,” he explained. -LifeSite

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