They are Clueless


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

A recent story in the Washington Post illustrates the importance of the work that you and I are doing together. Perhaps you read about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiating at a same-sex 'wedding' last weekend. It was not so much her actions that are so problematic, as her motivation.

She said, "I think it will be one more statement that people who love each other and want to live together should be able to enjoy the blessings and the strife in the marriage relationship."

Justice Ginsburg is obviously clueless when it comes to understanding the true nature of marriage. And that is terribly scary since she's one of the nine most important people in America when it comes to preserving the future of this great institution. Like so many who wish to redefine marriage, Ginsburg utterly fails to appreciate this deep, nature-inspired institution that connects men and women to each other and to any children born of their union. She's minimized and reduced marriage to simply government recognition of relationships as a tool to provide for adult satisfaction.

This skewed — frankly, clueless — view of the nature of marriage held by Justice Ginsburg is what is at the root of what we are fighting against. And fight we must. NOM is well into its $1 million matching gift campaign. If you have already given, let me say "thank you." Your support of NOM and commitment to marriage is a great encouragement to me and our team. If you haven't yet made your gift so that we can fight the ideas spewed by the likes of Justice Ginsburg, please take the time now to take advantage of this exciting chance to have your generosity matched dollar for dollar.

Painfully, Justice Ginsburg and the majority of her colleagues in the DOMA case have put the desires of adults ahead of the rights and needs of the most vulnerable and innocent among us, our children. If it were not for the interests of children, then government would have no need for an institution like marriage. Thus, if marriage is redefined to sever its connection to child-bearing and child-rearing, future generations of children will come to suffer the most.

Make no mistake, no matter what clueless statements are made by Supreme Court justices or politicians, no matter how the law decides to treat marriage, there is nothing that people here on earth can do to change the intrinsic meaning and nature of marriage. Eventually, the truth will prevail and so-called same-sex marriage will be seen for the lie that it is.

But at what cost? How many generations of children will be sacrificed to the gods of the gay lobby who demand the redefinition of marriage as an idol to their political movement? How long will children be told that men and women are not unique, that children don't need a mom and a dad, and that there's no special connection between marriage and child birth and rearing — it's just a sperm and egg that can be carried by anyone; any two people will do. Oh, and there's no need to limit parentage to just two people. If adults want to form a plural relationship and obtain rights to a child, who's to say they shouldn't if that makes them happy.

It is for our children, and the generations to come, that NOM fights to defend the God ordained institution of marriage. We fight for a cultural, political and legal restoration of the true meaning and purpose of marriage. We battle before Supreme Court Justices and County Clerks, in Legislatures and in the court of public opinion; in Congress and in statehouses, in corporate boardrooms and school board offices. Across America, wherever marriage is challenged, it's our responsibility to be there to defend her.

As I think of our nation's children, I'm reminded of an old Iroquois Indian saying, along the lines of, "We will never make a tribal decision until we debate the effects out to the seventh generation; even if it means having skin as thick as the bark of a pine tree."

Today you can walk into the grocery store and buy "Seventh Generation" cleaning products and even diapers because it is only right to be concerned about the environment we are going to leave the "seventh generation."

How much more important is the social world we will leave the "seventh generation" of children? Will we leave them a world of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers? Or will these things be meaningless to future generations of American children?

Right now, activists in states like Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Indiana, and Virginia are attempting to redefine marriage for not just this generation but generations to come. They have amassed tens of millions of dollars in support of the radical social-experiment of redefining marriage, and they are relentless.

From state to state NOM will continue to fight to protect marriage for today and for the future. Our children deserve nothing less.

Please help us. Will you please act today to join the generous donor who put up the matching funds, and make a sacrificial gift to the marriage fight? Your gift will be instantly doubled and will be deployed to the front lines so that we can continue our critical fight for the preservation of the precious institution of marriage. Thank you.


Brian S. Brown

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