Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Force Same-Sex Marriage on Neighboring States


Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak is launching an ad campaign encouraging Wisconsin same-sex couples to come to his town to 'marry'. The campaign, which will start running in Milwaukee and Madison area publications, is already being called a shameless attempt at self-promotion, with the mayor simply using marriage to raise his own profile.

Keep in mind, Wisconsin voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2006 that protects marriage as husband and wife in their state. And as Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling reiterates, "Our law would not recognize any validity to those (same-sex) marriages performed in any other state."

R.T. RybakWith Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele standing by his side at the Milwaukee LGBT Center, [Mayor R.T.] Rybak showed off a poster that said, "Hey Milwaukee! I want to Marry You in Minneapolis."

Rybak has already taken his ad campaign to Chicago and plans a visit to Colorado.

He gibed [Wisconsin] Gov. Scott Walker for not seeing the economic benefits of allowing same-sex marriage. Rybak pointed out that wedding ceremonies benefit local hotels, caterers, florists and bakers.

...Tom Evenson, a spokesman for Walker, said in an email, "This issue (same-sex marriage) was decided by Wisconsin voters through a constitutional amendment in 2006, long before Governor Walker took office."

In 2006, Walker, then the Milwaukee County executive, supported the amendment that banned same-sex marriage, according to news accounts.

Interesting to hear Mayor Rybak's remarks about caterers, florists, and bakers. Maybe he missed these stories:

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