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Marriage Supporter,

I need your help! With summer concluding, we are now actively engaged in raging legislative battles in several states, and in Congress, to defend marriage and preserve religious liberty. Now is the perfect time to make a generous donation to NOM, not only providing us with the resources we need to prevail, but actually doubling your donation thanks to a generous donor who is matching all contributions dollar for dollar through the end of the year!

Won't you please make a generous donation today to help NOM defend marriage and our precious religious liberties?

So far, we're at $150,000. I'm hoping that by the end of the week, with your help, we will be at $200,000. That means $400,000 that is being deployed to preserve marriage and religious liberty in the states and at the federal level.

I want to thank all of you who have been able to give. Your generosity continues to encourage all of us here at NOM.

If you haven't yet be able to donate to our matching gift campaign — now is the perfect time...

From coast to coast, and even out to Hawaii, God's design for marriage continues to be under attack. But we can win and you can make a particular difference by giving this week.

As you know, this week Congress returns to Washington...and NOM is deeply engaged in several issues that have national implications. In the nation's capitol we must push for a federal marriage amendment, while at the same time holding our elected officials accountable, showing them that the people of this great nation believe in true marriage.

We MUST support Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a marriage champion, who has put forward a proposal calling for a Federal Marriage Amendment to the U. S. Constitution; and get the elected representatives from every state which has manifested the will of the people by passing a state Constitutional Marriage Amendment to join in as co-sponsors of the bill!

We MUST get Congress to use its power to determine the source of the crimes committed in releasing NOM's confidential tax return to our political opponents, including a group headed by President Obama's national campaign co-chair. We know that the IRS and the Justice Department will not act to hold the perpetrators accountable, so Congress must intercede to demand answers.

And we must continue working with allied organizations and friends at the state level to promote and protect marriage there.

Yesterday, Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii announced the he was calling a special, emergency session of their legislature to consider a bill redefining marriage. This is a new, urgent fight that we must take on. We're also working hard in Illinois and New Jersey to fend off same-sex 'marriage' in those critical states.

On the flip side, it is expected that this fall the Indiana legislature will vote to put a marriage amendment on the ballot for the people to vote on in November 2014. This will be a major step in the process, but already corporations and big-name activists are lining up to oppose the people's right to vote. We must support our allies in Indiana and provide assistance to them now.

And in Ohio and Oregon, plus potentially a handful of other states, we know that opponents of true marriage are preparing to launch ballot initiatives that would repeal already enacted Constitutional amendments in those states. We can't wait until next year to start the critical task of fundraising, or we will end up being badly outspent by our opponents.

Supporter, marriage needs your help! Now is the perfect time to make a generous, much-needed donation to NOM, providing NOM with the resources we need to defend marriage and religious liberty wherever it is threatened!

Won’t you please make a generous donation today to help NOM do what it
must to defend and our precious religious liberties?

While we're aiming for $1 million dollars before the end of the year, help us reach our interim goal of $200,000 by the end of this week. The $50,000 we're hoping to raise this week will be doubled, giving us an urgently needed $100,000 that can be immediately used for the cause of marriage.

We must respond to and take advantage of these new developments. Please stand with us today by making a generous donation right away to support our critical work.


Brian S. Brown

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