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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Victories! Three marriage and family victories in a week.

If you missed our Newsletter yesterday about the major win for marriage in Australia's Prime Minister elections, check it out here. According to reports, the same-sex 'marriage' platform of the challenger, "sank like a stone."

In Pennsylvania, the state's definition of marriage and the rule of law was strongly upheld when a judge ruled that state and county officials are bound to obey and enforce the law, and certainly cannot issue same-sex 'marriage' licenses.

And in California, legislation that would have stripped groups of their tax exemption if their beliefs and practices don't affirm concepts like "gender identity" and gay "marriage" and other ideas that fly in the face of the teachings of virtually every faith tradition was tabled. Hundreds of Californians answered NOM's action alert and contacted their representatives demanding that the bill be killed.

The voices of marriage and family champions around the globe were heard loud and strong — and they won!

But there's still plenty of work that needs to be done. Read on for other developments this week and to see where your voice still needs to be heard.


After their stinging defeat earlier this year in Illinois, gay 'marriage' activists are pulling out all the stops in their effort to redefine marriage. In their attempts to overcome the heroic defense of marriage put up by conservative legislators and people of faith, particularly in the African-American community, gay 'marriage' activists have committed to a multi-million dollar campaign that includes hiring the state's former GOP Chairman Pat Brady.

But we've stopped them once when they thought they had the votes; we can stop them again. Use this button to send an email to your state legislators urging them to defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman and to protect the religious and civil liberties of all Illinoisans.


Marriage achieved a tremendous victory in Pennsylvania yesterday when Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini ruled that all state and county officials are required to obey the law as it pertains to the definition of marriage. In 1996 the Pennsylvania legislature defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Despite that, this summer Montgomery County Register of Wills Bruce Hanes began issuing illegal same-sex 'marriage' licenses. Governor Corbett and his administration filed suit to stop this lawlessness, and yesterday Judge Pellegrini agreed.

Take a moment to thank Governor Corbett for his leadership, and ask him to take the next step to ask the courts to declare the scores of illegal licenses that were issued to be invalid.

New Mexico

Meanwhile in New Mexico, Governor Martinez could take a page out of Pennsylvania Governor Corbett's book. While Governor Martinez has voiced her belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and that county clerks should not be issuing same-sex 'marriage' licenses, she has not forcefully used the power of her office to protect marriage and the rule of law in New Mexico. It is good that several republican legislators have filed suit to stop the lawlessness there. However, the Governor should not try to remain neutral.

Send her a message today urging her to put the authority of her office behind the legislators' filing and to urge the New Mexico Supreme Court to refer the matter back to the legislature to allow the people to vote.

Washington, D.C.

Finally, in our nation's capitol, Congressman Tim Huelskamp's Marriage Amendment is still gaining sponsors. We've written to thousands of marriage supporters across the country urging them to invite their own Representative to become a co-sponsor of the proposed amendment. The resolution now has 52 co-sponsors! NOM will be working with our allies on the Hill and among other organizations to keep the pressure on members of the House to support this important bill. Just as in Australia (See our latest Newsletter here), the only way to ensure marriage remains true to its nature and purpose is to enshrine it in our constitution.

Send a message to your Congressman today about this very important Resolution. We've set up the action item such that if your representative has already signed on, you can send a thank you. If they have not yet joined, you can send an email urging that they do so.

Thank you for all you do in your communities and states to stand up for marriage as God designed. It is a privilege and an honor to stand by you in this incredibly worthy battle. Remember, it is your voice and your vote that NOM helps echo in the halls of power across this country. We cannot do this without you.

Finally, allow me to remind you that NOM is in the midst of its $1 million matching gift campaign. Please consider a generous donation today so that NOM can continue to stand with you in defense of marriage and our essential religious liberties. Every dollar you contribute today will be doubled by a fellow heroic marriage supporter.

For our families and those to come,

Brian S. Brown

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