60% of Children Still Live with Married Parents


Mainstream media would have you believe that the traditional family is no longer “normal.” In fact, just watching television you see shows like “Modern Family” and “The New Normal.” Everywhere you turn media and pop culture push the lie that true marriage and family is becoming extinct.

FF-chartWell we know that’s not true and a recent report by paints a much more optimistic picture. Fully two-thirds of children live in a married home, and 60% of them live with their married biological or adoptive parents.

Not only does this common sense good news put the lie to what mainstream media and gay ‘marriage’ activists wish you to believe about our culture, but it also points to healthy children in the future. It is telling that the source for the report is the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and America’s Children: Key Indicators of National Well-Being *[emphasis added]. Even the US Census Bureau knows that the family structure a child grows up in is an indicator of their future *well-being.

The data also gives hope because 60% of America’s children are growing up in Family Structures that researcher Mark Regnerus identified as the ideal places for children to develop. His 2012 “Family Structures Study” showed definitively that children who are raised with their married biological parents do best on a host of important indicators of health and general well-being. Close second to the Intact Biological Family were adoptive families.

So there’s hope for our kids. The “New Normal” does not exist. America still believes in the importance of marriage, moms and dads, and raising the next generation.

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