Whose Resolve is Stronger?


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The next six weeks are critical to the future of marriage in America.

States like Hawaii and Illinois are convening special legislative sessions in an effort to redefine marriage. New Jersey activists are rallying in an attempt to override Gov. Christie's veto. In Washington, DC, Congress is now back in session, debating several pieces of legislation that touch on marriage and our precious religious liberties.

Activists on the other side are pouring millions into these fights. Bankrolled by same-sex 'marriage' backers like billionaire Paul Singer, they're giving everything they've got to these efforts to redefine marriage.

NOM and our allies in these deep blue states have repeatedly managed to rally supporters to defend marriage, dealing a blow to our adversaries and striking a victory for the truth about marriage. Despite this, same-sex marriage activists have declared "We will keep fighting until we win."

So the question that must be asked is, "Whose resolve will be stronger?"

Will you stand with me today by making a generous donation of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 to support NOM's work defending marriage and religious liberty across the country?

True marriage champions like you and I must continue to stand and defend God's definition of marriage. It will take every one of us, using our time, talent, and treasure, to stop this onslaught against the sacred institution of marriage.

Earlier this year genderless marriage was stopped in Illinois, particularly through the efforts of African American pastors who rallied constituents to reach out to their legislators. These legislators are now being targeted in a multi-million dollar campaign to buy their votes.

Gay 'marriage' activists, with their millions of dollars, have co-opted the unions and other liberal special interest groups into their cause, and they've even got former Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady lobbying in Springfield for them!

I'm confident that our heroes and allies in Illinois will remain strong — but they need our support.

The same holds true in New Congress...and in many other places around the country where a small but extremely well-funded group of radicals continue to push their vision of a genderless society on you and like-minded citizens who believe in marriage's timeless truth.

I'm asking you to take a few minutes today and make a difference by donating generously to NOM right away. A loyal supporter who is confident we can win the marriage debate has promised to match every dollar NOM raises between now and the end of the year — up to $1 million. If you haven't already done so, today is a great time to take advantage of this special opportunity.

We know those who would redefine marriage are relentless — the fact is we have to be just as committed as they are. The next six weeks will take all the strength, time, and resources we can all muster to protect true marriage and the right of children to be known and cared for by a mom and a dad.

Thank you for standing strong.

For our children and families,

Brian S. Brown

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