What "WE DO" Does


The "WE DO" Campaign -- a project of a group called The Campaign for Southern Equality -- is an effort to rally same-sex couples across the South and nationwide to show up at their local clerk's office to request marriage licenses in places where marriage law still upholds the traditional and biblical definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

State Law ShredderAccording to its website, currently "the Campaign for Southern Equality is traveling across North Carolina, standing with couples as they approach the marriage license counter and ask their local elected official to stand with them as an act of conscience."

An op-ed by a member of the organization published in at claims that the Campaign for Southern Equality has been emboldened to step up this project by the actions of D. Bruce Hanes, the Register of Deeds from Montgomery Country, PA who recently made national news for issuing same-sex marriage licenses there -- an action which, as the court in Pennsylvania recently affirmed -- was illegal and in violation of his oath of office.

It is important that marriage advocates everywhere know that the recent disturbing trend of lawlessness, with local and state officials flouting and breaking clear and constitutionally enacted marriage laws, is not merely a coincidental or copy-cat phenomenon, but a carefully planned tactic aimed at undermining the democratic process and overriding the will of voters in order to impose a radical agenda of genderless marriage on our communities.

Remain vigilant, find out how marriage license issuance works in your community, and be sure to speak up to those responsible for upholding the law that you are watching and expect them to fulfill the duty they are sworn to do!

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