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Dear Marriage Supporter:

Lawless. That's what we, as a nation, are dangerously close to becoming. And the really scary part? This is by design.

The alarming new trends in the marriage fight, based on devious tactics being employed by same-sex 'marriage' activists, are nothing short of breathtaking in their audacity.

And that's why I need you to make a financial investment in NOM today.

A generous and sacrificial donor, who believes we can win this fight, has set up a new $1,000,000 matching grant — so every dollar you give today will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $1 MILLION. That's right — your gift will be DOUBLED to help in this fight!

Would you consider making an investment in NOM right away, to help us combat the radical lawlessness sweeping the nation and ensure that we have the resources we need to expand our efforts to defend marriage?

I've written to you about it before... the IRS... the courts... government bureaucrats... state human rights commissions... election boards... these are the preferred vehicles (along with complicit state attorneys general and activist judges) that the far left is using to circumvent the will of voters — "We the People" — and impose their radical agenda on you and me.

Why? Because gay 'marriage' activists know that the majority of Americans believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman! The majority will never go along with their radical social experiment.

But it only takes one rogue judge, one vote on a court panel, or one manipulative public official in an administration to force the redefinition of marriage on a whole state or nation.

We've won some recent victories enforcing the rule of law. For example, a judge in Pennsylvania has ordered a local clerk to stop issuing "marriage" licenses to same-sex couples in violation of state law.

But the effort sometimes resembles the game "whack-a-mole" — as soon as we win somewhere, a rogue official pops up somewhere else. Now another local government official in Pennsylvania is encouraging couples with illegal marriage licenses to come to his jurisdiction to get "married" even though the law prohibits it and the courts have ordered the lawlessness to stop.

Supporter, you know that NOM will NOT give up the fight... we will stand with you and the millions of marriage champions across the country... but we need your help to reach more and more people and voice your values in the public square and halls of power across our nation.

Won't you please respond right now by clicking this link and investing in NOM's work with your most generous, emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 if you can afford it?

Among so many other battles — against the IRS, in the halls of Congress, etc. — we are working furiously in the legislatures of Illinois and New Jersey, and now Hawaii, to prevent a redefinition of marriage in the closing months of this year.

In each of these states, our opponents are amassing millions of dollars to spend against us. But we remain hopeful that gay 'marriage' can be stopped in its tracks — because our work on grassroots activism is having a definite impact.

Already in Illinois our efforts have resulted in gay-marriage activists openly questioning whether they can win this fall like they expected. This is the same group that claimed they already had the votes earlier in the year, but we helped stop them. Their comments show that we can do it again! We cannot give up the fight or let off the pressure. The voices of Illinois marriage champions at the grassroots level are making a difference — now is the time to increase them!

It's imperative that we continue to work in concert with allies to help organize a vibrant grassroots defense of marriage and inundate lawmakers in these states with appeals to preserve marriage as God designed it.

But the fact is we need your sacrificial gift today to mobilize the grassroots base of marriage supporters in these states in order to prevail. Through God's grace, a major donor will immediately match your donation, and we can deploy these resources where they are most needed.

And, as we look to next year, we expect at least three and maybe as many as SIX OR SEVEN state initiatives to be on the ballot in November 2014.

Indiana, behind the strong leadership of Governor Mike Pence, will likely have a marriage amendment before the people of the Hoosier State, and we're committed to help pass it. In Oregon and Ohio homosexual 'marriage' activists will attempt to overturn existing marriage amendments already passed by the people. The same type of measure is being threatened in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado and Florida.

Wherever those who wish to redefine marriage are active, we must respond with a vigorous defense. We know our opponents will be committing TENS of millions of dollars to these fights.

But one generous donor on our side has laid down a challenge to you and me: if we raise $1 million dollars before the end of the year and he will match it dollar–for–dollar! Whatever you give, it will be doubled!

I need your help protecting marriage and restoring the rule of law. Please give generously and remember: your gift today will be matched up to $1 million.


Brian S. Brown

P.S. We don't need to match the other side dollar-for-dollar. You see, we have 3 critical things working for us: God, the truth, and the majority of the American people! But we do need the resources to get our message out and stand up to the absurd claims and lawless actions undertaken by same-sex 'marriage' proponents.

Every single dollar you donate today will be matched by a heroic marriage supporter. Please help us take advantage of this amazing and generous opportunity by making your most generous contribution to NOM today. Thank you!

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