Don't Veto the Voters


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Same-sex marriage activists are working hard to drum up the votes required to override Governor Christie's veto of a bill (2012-S1) that would have redefined marriage in New Jersey.

While they may be working quietly and behind the scenes, you can be sure that this small but very powerful and well financed lobby is being heard by our leaders in Trenton. So now we need to make sure we get a hearing too!

Marriage is a vital and important institution in our society as it has been in every society since the foundation of the world. It is the best means by which we bring new children into the world and ensure them a happy and loving environment, by uniting their own mom and dad to them and to one another.

The people of New Jersey know this about marriage, and they deserve to be heard. Let them hear you in Trenton today: "Do not vote to override the Governor's veto! Do not vote to redefine marriage! Let the people have their say in this important and critical matter!"

The people of New Jersey need to be heard in this matter, and — as Governor Christie himself has said — they should be allowed to vote directly on the issue of marriage. At the very least, they must be heard by their elected representatives and demand that these lawmakers follow the will of the people who sent them to Trenton to work on their behalf.

So please make sure your voice is heard by your representatives today by clicking here to send an immediate and urgent message. And, after you've taken action today, use the buttons below to forward this email to your family and friends or share it on Facebook and Twitter, so that our voice for our values is heard loud and clear in Trenton today!

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