A Small But Important Victory


According to reports, “The Richmond City Council gave itself at least another month to think over a proposal to allow spousal health benefits for non-married partners of employees.”

Victory in VAThat’s the quote, but the truth is they gave themselves another month to think over a proposal that would redefine marriage in the City of Richmond if and when the Commonwealth of Virginia did the same.  Don’t be fooled, this seemingly innocuous proposal is not about benefits but about the definition of marriage. 

The proposed ordinance would simply be playing politics and using the bully pulpit to promote a radical agenda, inviting out-of-state influences and special interests into Virginia during a critical Gubernatorial election season.

But what gave the Council pause?  It was the noble effort of a small coalition of local faith leaders led by Bishop Darryl Husband, Bishop Leon Benjamin, and Pastor Michael Hirsch. These men stood up for marriage in front of City Hall and delivered the resounding message that marriage is the union of one man and one woman because that's the way it best serves society, and especially our society's most precious members, our children. They delivered this message boldly and clearly, and they were heard!

But you were heard as well!

NOM asked our supporters to speak truth to power on this issue, and rallying them to call, email, and visit City Council members expressing their opposition to the proposal - and hundreds of you responded!  Thank you to all who stood strong for marriage in this small but important skirmish.

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