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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Well, the big news this week of course is the lawsuit that NOM filed just yesterday against the Internal Revenue Service for unlawful disclosure by one or more IRS employees of our confidential tax return information, including the identities of our major donors. Worse, the information went to our chief political opponent — the terribly mis-named Human Rights Campaign — whose president was a national co-chair of President Obama's reelection campaign.

If you need to catch up on that story, or wish to keep best appraised of its developments moving forward, your best resource is the NOMblog, under the subject tag IRS. Click here to read all about it!

But you should also be sure to check out the case page set up by NOM's legal representatives at ActRight Legal Foundation. There you'll find the actual case filings, including the exhibits of 'smoking gun' evidence and other pertinent artifacts — all available for download, at

But there's plenty else still happening this week having to do with marriage, and here are the top items of interest in case you missed any of it:

UK Reveals SSM to Be a Political Loser

From across the pond, recent news reveals that two-thirds of Members of Parliament believe that supporting marriage redefinition is a 'vote loser.' And now, Prime Minister Cameron himself is expressing "regret" for "forcing" marriage redefinition through the Parliament.

In the US, the same is true, whatever the complicit media tries to prove to the contrary. The fact is that nearly two-thirds of the American people are against redefining marriage. Marriage significantly outperformed (by an average of seven points) the Republican presidential ticket in last November's elections, as well — in all four states that had ballot issues dealing with marriage. Conservative pundits and politicians here should take note: support for marriage is strong, and a platform built around that plank is a firm political footing.

In Congress

This week, we’re still working to have as many people as possible write their federal legislators to express their support for two hugely important pieces of legislation coming up this term:

The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act

Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho, along with 60 co-sponsors, is offering this critical bill to protect all organizations, religious or otherwise, that believe marriage to be the union of one man and one woman from having their tax-exempt status stripped by the IRS.

This legislation will protect religious liberty in a very crucial way, allowing organizations to communicate their views about marriage without threat of reprisals via the tax code.

Marriage Amendment

And the other critical piece of legislation is the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, sponsored by Representative Tim Huelskamp and a host of others. Has your Congressman joined the coalition yet to enshrine marriage once and for all in our Constitution and protect this precious institution for the good of all future generations?

Marriage Battles Around the Nation

New Jersey

We told you last week about the New Jersey Superior Court judge who brazenly handed down an activist ruling that the state should begin conducting same-sex marriages.

Since then, Governor Christie has pledged that his administration will appeal this egregious ruling — a pledge that deserves all our thanks.

But those of you who live in the Garden State also need to let the legislature know today that it's more critical than ever that they commit to defending marriage and letting the people exercise their right to vote to define marriage constitutionally in New Jersey.


Later this month — on October 23rd, in Springfield — local leaders are hosting the second Defend Marriage Lobby Day.

The event website explains the success the pro-marriage movement has had there in keeping the legislature from committing to bringing a vote on SB-10 (an act that would redefine marriage); but they note that this day is all the more important as the veto session approaches:

Over the past seven months, we have been busy contacting churches in key districts. Thousands of religious leaders from across the state have responded, voicing their opposition to marriage redefinition to local state lawmakers. They have urged their members to stand for God-ordained marriage. And as a result, YOU stepped forward. Perhaps for the first time. Thank you! But we need you to do it again, for as long as this issue is on the minds of those who are in power to pass laws.

If you live in Illinois, plan to attend this great event if you are able. And in the meantime, take some time to email the legislature and remind them where you stand on SB-10!

This week we remember that our elected officials, whether local or state or federal, work for us — for, as Lincoln put it, ours is a "government of the people, by the people, for the people." So please continue to stand with us as together we hold our government accountable: executives, legislators, judges, and — yes — tax administrators.

Faithfully yours,

Brian S. Brown

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