Heading to A Dead Heat in New Jersey

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

No, I'm not talking about Governor Christie's reelection race next month. I'm talking about the US Senate special election in New Jersey next week. Marriage, life, and family values are on the ballot in New Jersey one week from yesterday on October 16th — and every marriage champion across the country can play a part to make sure those values come out on top.

Next Wednesday voters in New Jersey need to make a special effort to get out and vote for the only US Senate candidate who will protect and promote marriage, life, and family on the national stage — Steve Lonegan.

In the beginning, no one gave Steve any chance against Newark mayor Corey Booker. The big city mayor with over a million Twitter followers and a 35 point lead in the polls was supposed to waltz through this special election — but Steve Lonegan and his conservative supporters didn't get the message...they have fought and scraped and dramatically closed the gap. An internal poll by the Lonegan campaign has the race at six points, while other polls have Booker up by 11-12 points. All the polls show that momentum is with Lonegan, meaning by this time next week it could well be a dead heat.

What will push Steve — and marriage, life, and family — over the top?

First and foremost — getting out the vote. In this special election, where voter turn-out is expected to be low, every vote is particularly important. Please make every effort to get out to vote on next Wednesday, October 16th, and to urge your family and friends to do so. You can forward this email to them by using one of the social media buttons below.

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Even if you're not a New Jersey voter you can still be involved. The Lonegan campaign is looking for volunteers to make calls into New Jersey to get out the vote. If you would like to volunteer from around the country, follow this link to the campaign's "Get Out the Vote" center.

Every marriage champion across the country can make a difference in this crucial election. Steve Lonegan is the only candidate in New Jersey who will stand proud for marriage, life, and family in the U.S. Senate — and he deserves our help. Please join me in getting involved as a volunteer, and consider making a contribution to Steve's campaign.

Together, we can roll up our sleeves to win an unprecedented victory. And don't forget — if you are in New Jersey be sure to vote on Wednesday October 16th...and get your family and friends to do the same.

Can you imagine the national uproar if Steve Lonegan were to pull of an incredible upset? Coming from 35 points back to capture this seat would be historic. It would serve a powerful message to Washington that being conservative, pro-life and pro-marriage are winning issues even in deep blue states like New Jersey.

Let's push hard for the next week and try to help Steve cross the finish line.


Brian S. Brown

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