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Dear Marriage Supporter

In recent days, it has become clearer than ever that the fight to defend true marriage is a fight for the very identity and destiny of our great nation. Marriage is the foundation that supports our country, and we simply cannot have a well-functioning nation if we destroy the marriage culture. But that's what is happening before our very eyes.

In North Carolina, a lawsuit has been pending before the courts to strike down the state's Marriage Amendment — a law passed just last May and by 61% of the popular vote! But just this week North Carolina's Attorney General, tasked with defending the voters' will in this case, compromised his integrity in that role by formally announcing his support for same-sex 'marriage.' Worse, he's headlining a fundraising event for a group that wants the courts to strike down the marriage law!

As if that were not bad enough, hot on the heels of the A.G.'s reckless announcement, a County Register of Deeds in North Carolina announced that he would begin accepting same-sex couples' applications for marriage licenses — a move we've seen before in states like New Mexico and Pennsylvania. This is the lawless destruction of democracy that we can expect to see spreading around the nation if we do not act today!

Please click here to contribute to NOM's efforts to stem this tide of anarchy and lawlessness and restore order to our democracy. The well-funded attacks of same-sex marriage activists will only become more and more brazen unless we push back fiercely right now.

Of course, orchestrations like we're seeing in North Carolina don't happen on their own — they are carefully planned and executed. A group named the Campaign for Southern Equality has been fishing for county-level officials in states like North Carolina to break their oath of office and flout the law the way D. Bruce Hanes of Pennsylvania's Montgomery County did earlier this year.

The Campaign for Southern Equality has been working tirelessly at this, and here is the fruit of those efforts: by the flagrant and irresponsible actions of two public officials, the will of the voters of North Carolina has been placed in peril. The strong majority of voters who declared last May that marriage is between one man and one woman are now in danger of being silenced by two elected politicians beholden to a well-financed special interest group.

Please give right now to NOM and help us consolidate the voices of the pro-marriage majority in America to be heard in the public square and the halls of power. We cannot allow our values to be drowned out by the shouting mob seeking to destroy our democratic order. Will you raise a cry for marriage with your generous gift today?

One of our great Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, announced after the Constitutional Convention that we had "a Republic — if you can keep it!" We feel the duty implied by those words more than ever today. Stand with us now, and together we will keep the republic — and marriage!


Brian S. Brown

P.S.: The aggressive same-sex 'marriage' lobby continues to whittle away at the will of the people and the foundations of our democracy. Help us defend marriage — and our nation itself — against these outrageous attacks. Your donation to NOM is a gift to our children and grandchildren, an investment in the future of our county and society. And remember, every dollar you give now will be matched — dollar for dollar — by one of our faithful donors. So, please give generously today!

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