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Dear Friend—We’ve got an urgent situation. Nancy Pelosi remains fully committed to using the coronavirus crisis to impose elements of her extreme liberal agenda, which could include special “goodies” for the LGBT community. We’ve got to stop her.

Please sign our petition urging President Trump, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to stop Nancy Pelosi from hijacking the coronavirus crisis to advance her extreme liberal agenda.

The “goodies” that the LGBT community are demanding are very bad for the rest of the country. LGBT lobby groups are pushing many extreme, dangerous ideas that strip Americans of their religious liberty rights, put a lawsuit target on people of faith, risk the safety and security of girls and women, allow biological males to compete against (and dominate) females in athletic competitions, give those who identify as LGBT special legal rights, and force people of faith to abandon their beliefs if they want to remain in business, participate in commerce, keep their jobs or pursue their ministry objectives.

Please sign our petition urging President Trump and Congressional Republican leaders to stop Pelosi’s dangerous gambit.

What Pelosi wants to do is weaponize “Rahm’s Rule,” the prescript advanced by former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that Democrats should use every crisis as an opportunity to pursue ideas that otherwise could not be enacted. This cynical, destructive, approach to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis cannot be tolerated. Already, Pelosi has secured millions of dollars for pet projects such as the Kennedy Center only to see them lay off employees after receiving the taxpayer funding. It’s outrageous.

Sign Our Petition To Stop Pelosi
NOM has had a keen eye on Nancy Pelosi’s activities for several weeks now. We’ve worked hard to shine a public light on her desires to use the crisis to the advantage of her allies, including big donors in the LGBT community. We’ve scoured all the legislation that has been considered the moment we could gain access to it. So far, we’ve helped to prevent Pelosi from succeeding.

We are fortunate to have allies like President Donald Trump, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. They have been alerted to Nancy Pelosi’s gambit, and they’ve helped make sure that she is not able to deploy Rahm’s Rule. But she is certainly not done trying, so we must keep up a public spotlight on her.

Sign Our Petition Today
We’ve launched this petition drive so that President Trump and our key allies in Congress hear from thousands of Americans that they demand that Pelosi’s attempts be stopped. We want them to know that the American people have their backs and are not going to tolerate Pelosi using the health and economic crisis posed by COVID-19 as a tool to advance her extreme agenda.

We’re asking all NOM supporters to sign the petition today. In doing so, an email in your name will go to the White House and the offices of Senator McConnell and Rep. McCarthy sending a powerful message that you stand with us, and the American people, in demanding that Nancy Pelosi’s desire to hijack the current crisis to advance her agenda be defeated.

Thank you for your help.


Brian S. Brown

PS – If you are able, please consider making a donation today, which will be instantly matched. This doubling of your contribution will help us get our petition in front of more Americans. Thank you.

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