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The 'Reel' Love Challenge Deadline is February 1st!

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Be part of the solution to the marriage problem

Editor’s note: This is an adaption of Dr. J’s An open letter to emerging adults, worldwide, from Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and the Ruth Institute, originally published on Mercator Net, an Australian- based webzine that serves the entire English-speaking world. You can read that full article here.

My dear young friends,

We at the Ruth Institute created the Reel Love Challenge to inspire a conversation about lifelong married love among you, the next generation of young adults. I know from many conversations that you want to get married and stay married. Many of you have doubts about love and marriage because of your own experiences of loss and pain resulting from your parents’ divorces, infidelities and other problems.

I founded the Ruth Institute to help young adults get past the fears, anxieties and misinformation, and embrace the challenge of lifelong married love.

My generation, the Baby Boomer generation, has made marriage what it is today. We are the generation that institutionalized the sexual revolution. We created a world where 25% of conceptions end in abortion, 40% of children born are to unmarried parents and 50% of first marriages end in divorce.

If the marriage culture is going to be restored, you, the next generation of emerging young adults will be the ones to do it. We Baby Boomers have had our chance. Now it is your turn.

That is why the Ruth Institute conceived of the Reel Love Video Challenge. We wanted to challenge you to begin thinking seriously about your hopes and dreams for marriage.

This is your chance to express your thoughts about these questions: “What makes lifelong love possible? Why is it worth doing?” You can interview someone, or talk to the camera yourself, or illustrate with a photo montage. The videos can be professional looking, or just done with a cell phone camera. We are more interested in content, thought, and ideas, than Hollywood production quality.

The Reel Love Challenge is open to young adults ages 18-30. You can get all the details here. The deadline for submissions is next week, February 1, 2011.

No more messing around. No more excuses. No more waiting for the government and the politicians to “do something.” It is time to get serious. It’s time to stop complaining about the sad state of marriage and start doing something about it. Are you willing to take the Reel Love Challenge?

According to a recent report, “By the time they have reached ages 15 to 17, 55% of teens have parents who have rejected each other, either through non-marriage or separation/divorce." Young adults: this report is talking about you! The question for you is: are you going to do something to break this cycle for your own children?

The Reel Love Video Challenge is just the beginning of the Ruth Institute’s effort to stimulate dialogue among the next generation about lifelong married love. Stay tuned for more opportunities to make a difference for marriage!

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