Iowa Action Alert


Dear Marriage Supporter,

On Tuesday, the Iowa House of Representatives voted 62-37 in favor of giving the people of Iowa the chance to vote on marriage, sending HJR 6 to the Senate for approval.

But Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has vowed to block the measure from ever coming to a vote in the Senate, even if it costs him his seat.

Take Action Today!

Tell Senator Gronstal it’s time to stop forcing his personal views on the people of Iowa. It’s one thing to vote against the amendment – it’s another thing altogether to use his legislative position to block the will of the Senate and the will of the people of Iowa.

Click here to send an email to Senator Gronstal . . . You’ll also send a message to your own state senator urging him or her to support the marriage amendment and to press for a vote of the full Senate.

Then help spread the word to your family and friends – we’ve added new facebook, twitter and email buttons to make it easy to update your social networks, too.


Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown,
National Organization for Marriage

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