Religion Reduces Risk of Domestic Violence


In a similar vein, from the same source:

"Domestic violence risk. According to national surveys, men and women who frequently attend religious services are about half as likely as nonattenders to perpetrate physical aggression against intimate partners, according to both partners (Appendix B). This link persists net of the offender's social integration and support, alcohol and substance abuse, and low self-esteem and depression (Ellison & Anderson, 2001). More frequent attenders also report less often being a victim of partner aggression in marital, cohabiting, or dating relationships (Appendix B). Further, being a CP or biblically conservative does not predict being a perpetrator or victim, nor does having an interfaith marriage. Still, in the rare cases (7.5%) in which marked disparities exist in spouses' biblical beliefs, conservative men married to more liberal women are more likely to be aggressive than men married to women with similar biblical views (Ellison, Bartkowski, & Anderson, 1999). Overall, higher religious attendance decreases the risk of exhibiting or experiencing domestic violence, although substantial disagreement between partners on spiritual matters may increase the risk of partner aggression." [source]

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