Why the Obama Power Grab Will Backfire


Here's the good news: This overreaching arrogance on Pres. Obama's part is going to backfire.

Over at Red State, Curt Levey points out, “President Obama's decision today to abandon the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is both outrageous--as a matter of Justice Department policy and constitutional law--and a miscalculation....”

I agree!

We've been quietly investigating the intervention issue in the last six weeks and working with leaders of other groups to build consensus.

The one legal barrier which remained to House intervention is that the House typically intervenes only when the President refuses to defend a law passed by Congress. So the fact that Pres. Obama was formally pretending to defend the law (even while trying hard to lose the case in court) was a potential problem.

Pres. Obama just removed that obstacle. Thanks be to God!

Pres. Obama just nationalized the marriage issue by his aggressive stance. And the American people will speak truth to power--I promise you that!

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