Maryland: There's Still Time Left!


Urgent news: I need you to call your state delegate right now! We have 3 hours until the Committee is about to vote.

There's been much good news from Annapolis today as the Black Church is standing up and making its powerful voice heard across the state! First we learned this morning that Del. Melvin Stukes, formerly a co-sponsor of the same-sex marriage bill, has withdrawn his sponsorship and will be voting against the bill! (Not that the mainstream press would bother to report it!)

Then plans for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee were postponed this morning when two co-sponsors of the bill went missing. We don't know all that is happening, except that the situation is very fluid, and the Committee chairman is planning to attempt a vote on the SSM bill this evening at 6pm.

We can win this fight! Please click here to send a message to your delegate ASAP!

Tell your delegate: Don’t mess with marriage!

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