Pres. Obama's DOMA Disaster


Nationally, the biggest issue is Pres. Obama's DOMA “Disaster,” as Maggie calls it.

Obama's refusal to defend DOMA is already backfiring on him.

At NOM we try to stay ahead of the curve. Let me tell you, we have been strategizing behind the scenes for weeks with other leaders and groups on how to get a lawyer into the courtroom in this case who actually wants to defend the law.

Here's the good news: Pres. Obama just made that task immeasurably easier.

Now that Pres. Obama has thrown in the towel, the House can intervene as a matter of right.

Maggie's column this week making this point is a delight to read: “Pres. Obama, thank you. This decision will cost you votes, energize the GOP base, and increase our side's odds of legal victory on DOMA.”

Hey, and my column in the Washington Post isn't bad either:
“President Obama's announcement Wednesday that he will refuse to do his job when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is part of this stunning pattern of rejecting the democratic process.”

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