You Did It - SSM Defeated in Maryland


Dear Marriage Supporter:

We did it!

Better yet, you did it!

And better still...the people of Maryland did it!

They told us it was impossible to block gay marriage in the Maryland House. They said it was a "done deal." But once again with your help, we've proved the pundits wrong.

Once again dousing boasts of the "inevitability of same-sex 'marriage'" with the cold water of reality, advocates for gay marriage in Maryland have acknowledged they do not have the votes in the House of Delegates, and have given up for the year. Despite threats, offers of political favors, bending the rules, and playing every trick in the book, those who would redefine marriage lacked two key assets – the people of Maryland, and the thousands of dedicated NOM supporters who helped us win this fight!

Victories like these come with great effort and at great cost. NOM spent over $125,000 in automated calls, mailings and direct voter contact alerting Maryland citizens to oppose same sex marriage. We helped assist those who were organizing black pastors to bring their congregations to lobby legislators, as well as Catholic and evengelical leaders more broadly rousing the voters to protect marriage.

And the people of Maryland answered the call! Over the last few weeks, members of the Maryland General Assembly have heard more from their constituents than they ever have before. Thanks to a heavy investment by NOM, enabled with your continued, generous support, we helped wake the silent, pro-marriage majority in Maryland.

With your help, they were silent no more. They called. They emailed. They attended rallies. They drove to the Capitol and demanded to be heard.

In the face of overwhelming opposition from the people of Maryland, our opponents have thrown in the towel.

There are many heroes in this fight to thank, Derek McCoy of the Maryland Family Alliance, the Maryland Catholic Conference and the amazing leadership of the Catholic Bishops in Maryland, the Archdiocese of Washington, and Bishop Harry Jackson all deserve our heartfelt thanks. The African-American pastors especially changed the debate in Maryland. They stood up against the lie that redefining marriage is somehow a part of the civil rights movement.

This was the authentic voice from and of the heart of the black church speaking up for Biblical principles--and it made an amazing difference.

Today on the floor of the Maryland House, a true hero, Del. Emmett Burns (D-Baltimore City) eloquently and boldly stood up against those who would hijack the civil rights movement.

Delegate Burns sat on the floor of the House of Delegates during the debate this morning, listening to supporters of gay marriage try to claim the mantle of the civil rights movement to their cause. Finally, he could bear it no more, and rose to speak.

He talked about being threatened and called the "N-word" because of his opposition to the marriage bill. He stated: "The civil rights movement as I knew it... had nothing to do with same-sex marriage," he said, "and those who decide to ride on our coattails are historically incorrect."

Delegate Burns hit the nail on the head. It is those of us who lovingly and boldly stand up for the core truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman; those that refuse to be silenced or cowed by the epithets like "bigot" or "hater" that are defending core civil rights.

If you have a moment today, say a prayer of thanks today for leaders like Delegate Emmett Burns, who stood for what is right today and saved marriage in Maryland.

The fight in Maryland is not over. Today was a great victory, but there may be an attempt to bring back a vote on same-sex marriage through other means.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on calls and mailers to wake up the people of Maryland to defeat this. Yet our opponents still have another 30 days in this Session, and may try to sneak this back through. They control the levers of power, and have already shown they will do anything to achieve their goals. They have vowed to bring the bill back, later this session or next year.

They have also vowed to go after Democrats such as Emmett Burns with a vicious fury.

We need your help to keep these victories going. Our coffers are empty after the hard fought battle of the last few months in Maryland. We have to make sure that today's victory is not a one day event. We also are facing key votes in Rhode Island and New York, and also defending DOMA and Prop 8. We've won today's victory in Maryland because of your help. And we truly need it today.

Would you give $50, $100, $200, or even $500 today to keep the victories for marriage going?

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God bless you for your support, God bless the state of Maryland, and God bless this great country.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


Brian brown

Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown


National Organization for Marriage

P.S.: Please, take a moment today to offer a prayer of thanks for this Divinely Inspired victory. But please also send your most generous contribution today so that we are prepared and vigilant to keep up this fight and continue to defend marriage across this great nation, in State Houses, in Court Houses, and in voting booths everywhere.

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