Kathryn Lopez: Are we married to marriage?


Kathryn Lopez, editor-at-large of National Review Online, interviews Maggie about marriage and Maryland over at Headline Bistro:

Gallagher, God bless her, was actually on the winning side of the marriage debate this month in Maryland. That’s because “gay marriage” is not inevitable, just as the sexual revolution did not irreversibly cast asunder what is true.

Despite the conventional expectation that she was on the losing side, black churches in particular raised their voices in opposition to the bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage. Two of the bill’s cosponsors jumped ship in response to the citizen lobbying against it.

“Truth matters,” Gallagher said, reflecting on the win. “Same-sex unions are not marriages, and the American people are proving remarkably stubborn in refusing to pretend otherwise.” In over thirty states and counting.

Reflecting on the politics of marriage, Gallagher added: “They keep saying, ‘It’s a done deal.’ Then it turns out we win.  As my favorite political consultant says, ‘It's not a done deal. If it were, it would be done already.’” [Continue reading]

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