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Advocates of gay marriage have stopped persuading the American people that homosexual unions are marriages, so now the activists' goal is to suppress, mislead, and depress the American people.

What's the definition of victory in war? It's not when one side annihilates the other. It's when one side no longer has the will to fight. That's when a war is over.

Culture war, too.

The arguments from despair they proffer to us have no rational basis. They are not about what is true, good, or beautiful. And the future hasn't even happened yet!

The world they want you to believe in--to believe is a fact--is one where those who say, “To make a marriage you need a husband and wife because children need a mother and father” are viewed as irrational bigots.

The amount of money being thrown at creating this world is fascinating. I would call it frightening if I did not believe there are things in this universe more powerful than money.

Take this little story that showed up in the Harvard Crimson. The Ford Foundation is giving $730,000 to a group studying why people believe children are best off with their own mom and dad. The researcher in charge of this allegedly academic and scientific enterprise is startlingly open about the purpose of this research: to figure out how to wean Americans from this stubborn attachment to the natural family. “This grant allows us to really understand what is it about children in relationship to gay people that translates into a perception of harm, and investigate how can we translate that to positive association,” said the Executive Director of Face Value Julie R. Davis. “Homophobia is the thing that harms children, not homosexuals,” said Timothy P. McCarthy, (who will oversee the research).  [Continue reading.]

(FYI: The Public Religion Research Institute, which offered “research” showing that Catholics support gay marriage, received a grant of $107,500 from the Evelyn and Walter Haas foundation, “To survey California religious communities and help develop religious education strategies supporting gay equality.” None of which prevented its research from being widely retailed as fact in the mainstream media.)



This story is from NOM's weekly national newsletter.  To read the whole newsletter, please click here.

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