FROM NOM'S NATIONAL NEWSLETTER: Has Your Congressman Signed on to Co-Sponsor the “Defend DOMA” Resolution?


Nationally, the big question on the table is: Has your congressman signed on to co-sponsor House Con Res 25, the “Defend DOMA” resolution?

Fight back today--get your Congressman on board by clicking here to send an email telling him or her: Co-sponsor HCR 25, the Defend DOMA resolution.

As of today, thanks to the amazing leadership of Republican Study Committee chairman Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), we have nearly 100 co-sponsors--but we need more.

I cannot tell you how many Washington insiders are trying to silence the GOP on marriage. Let me tell you, we should never forget the courage of great leaders like Jim Jordan on the Hill. And we need to give him the ammo to fight all the way to victory.

If you haven't done one thing for marriage so far this year, show Jim Jordan you love him by clicking here to tell your Congressman to sign up to defend DOMA!

And pass this message on to a friend, too, would you?

The people united cannot be defeated.

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