More Props for Paul Clement from Across the WaPo Aisle


WaPo columnist Jonathan Capeheart is a big advocate for gay marriage--and no fan of NOM, as we learned from the Maryland fight. But kudos to him for recognizing a great man in Paul Clement:

From the standpoint of legal principle ... Paul Clement’s decision to bolt for Bancroft PLLC was the right one.

I don’t like one bit that time and taxpayer money are being spent to defend the indefensible. Yet, I respect Clement’s willingness to hold principle high above pressure to ensure the statute gets a fair — and hopefully losing — hearing in court. We might not like what lawyers do and what Clement did in particular. But ask yourself this question: Would you want to be represented in any legal preceding by someone who had shown a willingness to throw you under the bus? I sure wouldn’t.

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