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Dear Friends of Marriage,

NOM's powerful new Two Peas in a Pod ad is shaking up Tom Campbell in his bid to be the GOP nominee to represent California in the U.S. Senate --  and even the Sacramento Bee is noticing!

GOP voters want a choice, not an echo. But on gay marriage and more, Tom Campbell and Barbara Boxer are two peas from the same liberal pod.

"[T]he attack suggests that Campbell faces the prospect that he will be "Scozzafavaed," reports the Sacramento Bee's Dan Morain.

"The term came into the lexicon when Dierdre "Dede" Scozzafava, a New York Republican assemblywoman, ran for a congressional seat in a special election last year, and, like Campbell, acknowledged that she supports same-sex marriage.She ended up dropping her candidacy when she was, well, Scozzafavaed by conservatives including Sarah Palin and the National Organization for Marriage."

Here's something we love even more:

"A Field Poll earlier this month showed Campbell leading Fiorina by six points in the GOP primary. A poll by the Public Policy Institute of California showed Fiorina with a one-point lead. Fiorina and a third Republican candidate, Assemblyman Chuch DeVore, share opposition to gay marriage.

"Will the National Organization for Marriage's involvement move the California electorate in the same way that it helped shape the New York congressional race? It remains to be seen. But Brown and Gallagher are willing to take credit for Fiorina's upward trend in the polls.

Gallagher . . . cited that PPIC poll and proclaimed in a blog: "Bottom line: I think Tom Campbell is about to find out, as Dede Scozzafava did, that it is not a good idea to be for gay marriage if you are Republican."

But we urgently need your help to get the word out to more voters in California and other states on which politicians are standing for marriage and which are working to undermine it. Click here now to shine the light of truth on the Tom Campbell's of the Republican party!

In response to a separate Sacramento Bee report this week on NOM's lawsuit to protect California donors from harassment via disclosure requirements, Tom Campbell had a feeble response.

NOM's lawyer Jim Bopp told the reporter, "NOM is entitled to an exemption from disclosure of all contributors because of harassment and how they were victimized by homosexual advocates."

Not, apparently in Tom Campbell's eyes. He's not even waiting for a judge to rule on the suit. He's wading in to tell you that the hatred, the hurt, the threats, the intimidation, the harassment, were just no big deal. According to the Bee:

"Campbell takes a different view. There are times when hiding donors' identity is reasonable. Sixty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court permitted the NAACP to shield its donors. But back then, there were church bombings, lynchings and shootings. Harassment in the Proposition 8 campaign hardly rose to that level.

"'Disclosure is hugely valuable in public life,' Campbell said."

Tom, we agree: Disclosing to the public your views on gay marriage is hugely valuable. Californians want political leaders who stick up for us-our rights and our values. When the heat is on, we don't want politicians who cave to San Francisco values. And we certainly don't want politicians who, told about harassment and intimidation against voters say "no big deal."

Whose side are you and Barbara Boxer on anyway Tom? California voters have a right to know.

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