ADF, NOM, and GLAD All Agree - Civil Union Legislation is a Bad Deal for Rhode Island


In a strange turn of events, the National Organization for Marriage, the Alliance Defense Fund, and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders all came down on the same side during Rhode Island Judiciary Committee Hearings on Civil Unions (HB 6103) this Wednesday.

Even GLAD was forced to admit they agree with one-man/one-woman legislative champions on this one – Civil Unions legislation before the Rhode Island House is bad law and should be defeated.

Many Committee members remarked that they received 1,000’s of communications against this bill and none in favor.

No witnesses signed up to testify in favor of House Bill 6103. Nonetheless, bill sponsor Representative Petrarca stated he did not care that no one was in support of the bill.

MERI Board President, Martha Holt, declared that she would be the first to volunteer to challenge the proposed civil unions legislation in court. GLAD attorney Karen Lowey agreed that court action is “on the table."

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