Tim Gill's Tactics, Coming to a Campaign Near You?


One of Gay multi-millionaire Tim Gill's tactics is to help elect gay-friendly politicians without bringing up gay issues during the campaign - in essence electing "sleeper cell" candidates who take Tim's money but don't mention what they've promised to do in return.

Joshua Green writes in The Atlantic about how this successful strategy may soon be "franchised" for other issues besides attempting to redefine marriage:

[Here's] how the Gill strategy worked. His team would swoop into races at the last moment, make major donations to favored candidates and attacks against opponents that wouldn't show up in public disclosure statements until well after the election. In Iowa, this strategy helped tip the legislature to the Democrats (although Gill says he supports or opposes politicians in both parties based only on their position on gay rights). When the state supreme court voted to legalize gay marriage, conservative opponents had no avenue to override the decision. 

As a political strategy, this ought to be replicable on other issues. And two of Gill's top strategists, Bill Smith and Patrick Guerriero, are planning to do just that. They're starting their own political strategy firm--name still to be determined--to apply this approach to other problems.

It's hard to see how more Tim Gill-style politicking will help Americans be capable of fairly deciding the serious questions being put to them today.

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