Canadian Sports Writer: "Goddard firing is scary business"


Steve Buffery at the Toronto Sun begins his op-ed by saying that he supports SSM "wholeheartedly", but goes on to say:

That being said, I also believe people should have the right to oppose same-sex marriage based on their religious beliefs, without being mocked and vilified for it.

Or worse, losing their job over it.

Frankly, I found the backlash directed at former Rogers Sportsnet anchor Damian Goddard and hockey agent Todd Reynolds for their opposition to same-sex marriage this week disturbing. Frightening even.

Neither said they hate gay people. What they said was that they oppose same-sex marriage based on their religious beliefs.

Yet both have been unmercifully attacked and ridiculed, on Twitter particularly. Sportsnet fired Goddard, even though the network insisted he wasn’t fired specifically because of his opposition towards same-sex marriage. Of course, no one really believes that.

There seems to be a double standard here with the message being: If you don’t believe what we believe, we’ll brand you a hater and a bigot and run you out of town.

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