Vote Now! Your Chance to Beat the RINOs Running from Marriage


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Please, if you do one thing for marriage this year, do this.

Vote for marriage.

The Republican Party has launched a new website, "America Speaking Out" to help set the agenda for the elections this fall. Make sure the RINOs don't run away from marriage!  It will take a 2 minutes to register and vote for marriage today.

Do it now. Do it for your country. Don't let Log Cabin types outvote us and our values.

1)  Click here to place your vote! Vote Thumbs Up to protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman.  

You'll be asked to create a login, then place your vote. And while you're there, use the Facebook/Twitter icons to post to your Facebook/Twitter feeds, and feel free to leave a comment, too!

"Protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Children do best with a married mother and father, and our laws and our judges should respect and defend this most fundamental institution of society."

The earlier you go to vote, the more powerful your vote will be. Whatever issues win early votes will appear in the top ten issues, generating more votes from latecomers.

2) Then click here to vote NO (Thumbs Down) to same-sex marriage.

Do it right now. Vote yes for marriage!


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