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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Three polls in the past week show pro-gay marriage RINO Republican Tom Campbell's support has plummeted. His money has dried up and his campaign is in freefall.

What a difference a week makes!

Just a few weeks ago, pro-gay marriage Tom Campbell was leading Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore—some polls said by as much as ten points or more. Now, he’s suddenly twenty points behind Carly Fiorina in the race that will determine which Republican has a chance to unseat California’s Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Tom Campbell’s collapse in public opinion is no accident.

NOM's “Two Peas in a Pod” television ad established that Campbell and Boxer are well, two peas in the same liberal pod. His poll numbers slipped. But television in Califorinia is hugely expensive (especially once Meg Whitman started buying up all the air time), so we followed up with a frugal and effective second punch: phone calls to 600,000 likely primary voters, telling them that Tom Campbell is a pro-gay marriage RINO. We think NOM's effort had such a big impact in part because it coincided with efforts of prolife groups to make sure voters know Campbell's record on other social conservative issues like abortion.

Democracy only works when voters hear the truth. All over the country NOM’s Marriage Truth Squad breaks through the lies and the obfuscations, to make sure the public hears the truth about marriage.

And when the truth comes out, marriage wins!

Help us continue to shake up the judges, the politicians, and change the course of
American history. This is the year when everything could change, and you can make it happen! Just $25 will allow us to reach more than 1000 Americans in key places across the country, telling them the truth the mainstream media won’t!

Pray for us and pray for victory for marriage!  Happy Memorial Day, and thanks to all our veterans!


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