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Illinois Marriage Alert

Dear Marriage Supporter, The next six weeks will very likely decide the fate of marriage in Illinois. Gay ‘marriage’ activists have declared “We will keep fighting until we win.” The legislature will resume debating the redefinition of marriage during a special legislative session scheduled to run October 22, 23 & 24, as well as November […]

Judge Orders Pennsylvania Clerks to Obey State Marriage Law

County clerks have no authority to make up their own laws, or decide which they will/will not abide by. A Pennsylvania judge confirmed this yesterday by ordering Montgomery County clerks to desist from illegally issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples (174 had been issued in total). As our president Brian Brown noted yesterday, Governor Corbett took […]

The National Organization for Marriage Applauds the Tabling of California Measure Targeting Boy Scouts and Other Traditional Family Groups

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2013 Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004) “We’re pleased that common sense prevailed in this case. This bill was put forward to punish groups that refused to embrace the radical homosexual agenda including same-sex marriage.” — Brian Brown, NOM president — Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage […]

What is the Core of Marriage?

“Probably the most important thing to remember about [the marriage] debate is that it is framed in entirely the wrong way.” -Sherif Girgis Sherif Girgis, co-author of What is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, is a Princeton graduate and Rhodes Scholar. At Australia’s Campion College last month, Girgis gave a brilliant talk on the marriage […]

The National Organization for Marriage Applauds Pennsylvania Ruling Upholding the State's Definition of Marriage and Restoring the Rule of Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12, 2013 Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004) “This is a victory for marriage. We are pleased that Judge Pellegrini reiterated that Pennsylvania law expressly defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.” — Brian Brown, NOM President — Washington, DC — The National Organization for Marriage […]

Like a Stone, NOM Marriage News

Dear Marriage Supporter, “Sank Like a Stone” — that’s how same-sex marriage faired in Australia this past week. Australia held elections for Prime Minister the other day, but it was as much a referendum on whether the Aussies would redefine marriage or not. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd nailed his hopes of winning to a […]

4 Factors of Marriage That Can Never Be Abandoned

Ryan Anderson, William E. Simon Fellow at Heritage and co-author of What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, provides enlightening insight about the four key marital norms: the sexual complementarity, monogamy, exclusivity, and permanence of marriage, and what happens when they are abandoned. The Heritage Foundation: …No-fault divorce was the first major trend to undermine a strong […]

Marriage Connects More Than Just Men and Women; it Creates the Fabric of Society

At the heart of the marriage debate are two very different views of marriage. The view of most same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates is that marriage primarily satisfies the desires of the adults involved. On the other hand, the historical view is that marriage is a public good, not solely designed towards the satisfaction of adult desires. It is the place […]

Marriage Emergency in Hawaii

Dear Marriage Supporter, It is time to take action and let your voice be heard in the halls of power in Honolulu. Send a message to your legislators today urging them to reject redefining marriage as proposed by Governor Abercrombie. Yesterday, Governor Abercrombie announced that he was calling a special session of the legislature to […]

The Battle over Marriage in our Military

Dear Marriage Supporter, In recent days, you might have read the news about the latest battlefront in the fight for marriage: a battlefront, this time, where real soldiers are involved. I’m talking about the National Guard in Texas and Mississippi, whose leaders are choosing to obey those states’ marriage laws instead of a Department of […]

Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Force Same-Sex Marriage on Neighboring States

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak is launching an ad campaign encouraging Wisconsin same-sex couples to come to his town to ‘marry’. The campaign, which will start running in Milwaukee and Madison area publications, is already being called a shameless attempt at self-promotion, with the mayor simply using marriage to raise his own profile. Keep in mind, Wisconsin voters passed a […]

Revitalizing Marriage Requires Sacrifice, Effort

The National Review Online’s (NRO) Kathryn Lopez interviewed Hilary Towers, a developmental psychologist, about “how we can better support and protect marriage as a culture and in communities.” The resulting article, “A Guide to Saving Marriage,” provides some surprising and many insightful results. A recurring theme from Towers is that successful marriages demand hard work: […]

Australia Votes to Reject Rudd and His Promise of Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage has proven to be anything but a vote winner in elections not just across U.S., but internationally as well. Australia’s opposition crushed the governing Labor party in yesterday’s elections and the people voted Tony Abbott into office, who has made clear that he supports marriage between one man and one woman, over the […]

Marriage’s Destruction? It’s Lee Marvin’s Fault

Cultural movements—both good and bad—almost always can trace their ultimate success or failure to a “tipping point” moment. Sometimes these moments are obvious and celebrated, and in some cases they can be more hidden or obscure.  Writing for First Things’ On the Square about the dissolution of marriage, attorney Wesley J. Smith points his finger […]

NJ GOP Hopefuls Targeted by 'Deep-Pocketed, Coordinated Campaign' to Redefine Marriage

The fight for marriage continues in New Jersey, with deep-pocketed same-sex marriage activists going after Republican lawmakers. A coalition of national and New Jersey-based gay rights groups is launching a full-scale push this fall |to persuade enough Republican ­lawmakers to join the ruling Demo­crats and override Christie’s veto of a bill that legalizes same-sex […]