200,000 Argentinians March for Marriage!


Yesterday, a massive demonstration protesting politicians’ plans to push SSM took place in Argentina:

The demonstration's organizers counted 200,000; mainstream media originally reported 70,000, and are now whittling that down to 50,000.  Here's an eyewitness report:

"The march was a huge success. We think there were maybe 200.000 people. The newspapers counted up to 70.000 people. Mostly families with children and youngsters. The LGBT movement called for a parallel march: they gathered just 300 people (following the newspapers that endorse their cause).

Our march was peaceful. We sang some folk songs and pop. No prominent stars in the stage. Just simple people. A big screen showed the different marches that took place in the Provinces to defend marriage between a man and a woman. In the “inner Argentina” as we call it, there is an important opposition to gay marriage.

The march took place in the front of the Parliament. Tomorrow, the vote will be in favour or against ssm, without any other option.

There is another one: the UCR (the historical opponent of the “peronist” ruling party), has had several losses in the last ballots. The leaders made an alliance with a progressive party (the socialists). SSM was offered as a part of the bargain by the leaders of UCR to the socialists. Even if the legislators of the party do not agree, the party pressures its legislators to vote accompanying our leading party (peronists)…. They betrayed the people literally in front of them, because the meeting took place during the march in the building of the Parliament.

Tomorrow, apparently, the legislators who favor a civil union bill or reject ssm, have threatened not go to the premises (of the Parliament)."

UPDATE:  New development. Progressives are now floating the idea of abolishing marriage from the civil code and replacing it with the "egalitarian familial union."  Whatever happened to the fundamental right to marry?

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