Christian Post: "Values Bus Tour Takes Off With Pawlenty at the Wheel"


The Christian Post reports:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in support of the top four presidential candidates, who have signed NOM’s Marriage Pledge, is ensuring that marriage will be a major factor in voters’ decision on which candidate to back in the upcoming Ames Straw Poll.

NOM, along with FRC Action and Susan B. Anthony list, is promoting the “Values Bus Tour.”

The tour, which started Tuesday morning, August 9, offers the chance to talk to GOP presidential candidates about their support for the sanctity of marriage.

Christopher Plante, executive director of NOM Rhode Island, told The Christian Post, “Governor Tim Pawlenty was with us and the tour kicked off to a great start, [with] a good crowd.”

“The message is clear. It’s the values voters that will redirect this whole country – we believe in life, marriage, and family,” said Plante

A major issue in the Straw Poll and in selecting Iowa’s GOP nominee in the caucuses next year will be reinstating marriage as a union between one man and one woman, said Brian Brown NOM president in a statement Monday.

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