Daily Caller: Social Issues Could Be Tipping Point in NY-9


Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller:

a quick look at what is happening in the upcoming special election in New York’s 9th District — the bluest of blue districts and the seat formerly held by liberal Democrat Anthony Weiner — suggests social issues like same sex marriage are still very much alive. What is more, they could cause mass division among an already frustrated Democratic base.

This division has been hiding in plain sight in recent years in the bluest of blue states. In California, 70 percent of  African-Americans voted for Proposition 8 in 2008, while over 90 percent voted for Barack Obama.  Earlier this year, the reliably liberal Maryland legislature shot down a bill legalizing same-sex marriage — the difference was African-American Democrats.

Now, social issues may cost liberals a usually safe seat in Queens where Democrat David Weprin currently trails his Republican opponent by six points.

... While conservatives have long worried that immigration and changing demographics would harm them politically, social issues may prove to be the wedge that could be the GOP’s saving grace.

“If [the Democrat] loses, it will be because of the demographics,” says Hank Sheinkopf, a NY Democratic consultant.

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