Watch Out for Voter Fraud in NY-9


Hans A. von Spakovsky in The Corner:

The latest data from Public Policy Polling (a Democratic firm) shows Republican Bob Turner is “poised to pull a huge upset“ in the race to replace Anthony Weiner. Turner led Democrat David Weprin 47 to 41 in PPP’s poll, putting the Republican candidate an astonishing six points ahead in a district that President Obama won by 55 percent in 2008.

Will this tempt some locals to resort to the kind of voter fraud that Kings County andBrooklyn are infamous for?

A source within the Turner camp tells me the campaign sent a letter and campaign literature to all the voters on the permanent list maintained by the Board of Elections who are automatically mailed absentee ballots. They have received hundreds of pieces of returned mail marked “address unknown” or “return to sender” and at least five marked “deceased.” They were contacted by another voter who received an absentee ballot he had not even requested.

The polls open soon.

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