Eric Cantor v. Judge Walker


House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement regarding recent court decisions on same-sex marriage:

"In recent weeks, several activist judges have issued decisions, overturning protections for traditional marriage in both a bipartisan-passed federal law and a ballot initiative passed by the people of California.

First, in Massachusetts, a judge threw out the portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that states that, for federal purposes, marriage is a union of one man and one woman. Then last week, a California judge overturned the votes of over seven million Californians for traditional marriage, an initiative they passed on the same ballot that sent President Obama to the White House.

Regrettably, in both of these cases, the Attorneys General responsible for defending the laws either presented the weakest possible defense or refused to take on the challenge at all.

As we look ahead to the possible appeals of these decisions, these officials owe it to the American people to do their jobs. Their failure to do so could have significant consequences, as these rulings have implications far beyond the states in which they were issued. Proponents of same-sex marriage have made clear their goals, and are seemingly achieving them one step at a time - though never through the democratic process.

As these decisions proceed through higher courts, including eventually the Supreme Court, the laws of 45 other states that have confirmed traditional marriage are at stake. Enabling this fundamental redefinition of marriage by judicial fiat must not go unchecked."

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