NOM Election Watch 2010: Pro-SSM Bennet Squares Off Against Pro-Marriage Ken Buck in Colorado Senate Race


In Tim Gill's home state, the most aggressively pro-gay marriage candidate Andrew Romanoff lost Tuesday to the slightly less aggressively pro-gay marriage, anti-DOMA candidate Mike Bennet in the Democrat Party primary for the U.S. Senate:

“I am the candidate in this race to have laid out the most progressive stance on virtually every issue that Congress now confronts, not just on the question of human rights– where my stance is more enlightened than any other candidate in this race and I would argue any candidate in the United States,” Romanoff said according to the Colorado Independent. “You can call my bluff. If you can find a candidate who is more committed to this cause [gay marriage], let me know, because I don’t think there is one.”

Bennet campaign spokesman Trevor Kincaid said the senator supports the right of states to decide on gay marriage but that he also supports the full repeal of the Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act."

“Bennet has said that as a private citizen, if a ballot measure were to come up in Colorado [providing for gay marriage], he would support it,” Kincaid said.

Colorado emerges as another state where pro-marriage supporters have a chance to make a difference in a tight race. Ken Buck, who opposes gay marriage, won the GOP nod.

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