NY Daily News Blog: Judge Finds Cuomo Administration Steamrolled Lawmakers On Gay Marriage Vote


Celeste Katz who writes the Daily Politics blog for the New York Daily News writes:

A state judge Tuesday rapped the Cuomo Administration for trampling on the legislative process during the contentious June vote to legalize gay marriage.

Acting Livingston County state Supreme Court Judge Robert Wiggins ruled that a portion of lawsuit brought by gay marriage opponents may move forward after the state sought complete dismissal.

... Wiggins said there is a legitimate argument over whether a private meeting Gov. Cuomo had with Senate Republicans on the gay marriage issue violated the state’s open meetings law.

“There are not sufficient facts before the court to determine the matter; thus, the case shall proceed on this issue,” Wiggins wrote.

Cuomo also took heat in June for ordering debate be limited when the bill actually made it to the floor, with Democratic senators angry they were cut off mid-debate or kept from speaking altogether.

The judge dismissed the rest of the case, but not before taking several shots at the Cuomo administration.

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