Why Santorum Could Win: It’s Time for the Porcupine


Charles Hurt at the Washington Times writes about why so many reporters wrongly wrote-off Rick Santorum. It's the sweater vest. He's not your slickster rosy scenarioist. He comes from the coal mines of Pennsylvania, he knows that life can be tough, that you have to fight, and that if you fight for what's right, you can win--against long odds. Hurt calls it "time for the porcupine":

... [a] big reason he has been written off from the start is that most political reporters have covered the former Pennsylvania senator in the Senate for the better part of a decade and have reached the conclusion that he is about as lovable as a porcupine with the charm of a possum. He is not your average back-slapping, jovial politician.

... Most politicians thrive on giving soft speeches with gauzy visions of happiness. They are related to the snake oil salesman or the used car salesman. President Obama was one of the best ever. Literally, there are still millions of people out there taking the snake oil he sold them and wondering why they aren’t getting better. Or they are still sitting on the side of the road in the broken down car he sold them jiggling the steering wheel as if it were still going.

That is not Rick Santorum. He does not offer rosy promises. Instead, he talks about fighting. And he talks about “truth.” Or he recites scripture from the Bible, usually the Old Testament. The motto emblazoned on his bus here in Iowa is: “Join the fight.”

... In these deeply troubled times, voters appear especially attracted to Mr. Santorum’s mixture of raw honesty, serious demeanor and battle-ready politics. It might just be that the time of the porcupine has finally come.

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