Mike Castle's Hissy Fit


Have you noticed a pattern? An establishment, “moderate” Republican loses an election…and what do they do? Congratulate their primary opponent? Close ranks to fight for the Party’s principles? Ah…no.

In NY’s 23rd, Dede Scozzafava endorsed her Democrat opponent rather than support the conservative.  In Florida, Gov. Crist tried to shed the GOP label in opposition to GOP nominee Marco Rubio and win.  He's now splitting the anti-GOP vote in Florida with the Dem nominee Wayne Meeks, helping elect Marco Rubio.

Now we have Delaware Rep. Mike Castle who is simply throwing a hissy fit.  He's refused to call, refused to endorse, even in a pro-forma or nominal way, the new GOP nominee Chrstine O'Donnell.   We don't have to agree that O'Donnell is the ideal nominee.  All we have to agree is: elections have consequences. If you lose, you are supposed to: wish the winner well and support your party's nominee.  Unless you are a “moderate” GOP establishment republican, like Crist or Castle, who “has picked up his marbles and gone home.”

As The American Spectator accurately states in its article, Castle Refuses to Back O’Donnell: “Castle's instant refusal to back O'Donnell, is not only what the Ruling Class might call poor sportsmanship, it symbolizes the utter arrogance these people have as they pursue precisely the only agenda they have ever had: wielding power for itself. That's it, that's all. The Alpha and the Omega of the Ruling Class. They rule because they are supposed to. They will say what they have to say, and do what they have to do—to win. And if they lose?”

Good question.  Apparently if your Mike Castle and you lose, you do this: throw a hissy fit.  And hope the voters don't notice.

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