Minnesota’s Catholics Bishops Urge Flock to Protect Marriage in November Elections

It what is being characterized as a first “glimpse” of the Minnesota Catholic Bishops plan to fully and properly form the conscience of Catholic voters before the November general elections, Bishop James Quinn of the Diocese of Winona, MN has reached out to his flock through the diocesan newspaper, The Courier, and via a mailer containing a DVD.
According to the Catholic News Agency, Bishop Quinn correctly declares, “From the beginning, the church has taught that marriage is a lifetime relationship between one man and one woman…Any other kind of relationship simply is not a marriage.”The DVD provides detailed information on the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of marriage and outlines the ill effects society would suffer should Minnesotans vote to accept same-sex “marriage."
What wonderful courage from one of Minnesota’s shepherds—remember to keep him in your prayers.
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