Pope: Europe Would Not Be Europe Without Marriage


Curious about why U.S. Catholic bishops are putting so much emphasis on marriage these days? It's coming straight from the top.  Pope Benedict once again uses an unusual occasion to emphasize how important he sees the current battles over sex and marriage, according to Vatican Radio:

"Europe no longer Europe without marriage"

“Europe would no longer be Europe” if the basic cell of the marriage “disappears or is transformed”, said Pope Benedict Thursday in his message to the new Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See, Mr. Gábor Győriványi.

In his message Pope Benedict says at a European level Hungary is called to be a “mediator between East and West”. After pointing out that early next year, for the first time, Hungary will hold the rotating EU Presidency, he expressed his hopes that the new Hungarian Constitution will be inspired by Christian values, especially regards "the position of marriage and the family in society."

"Marriage – says the Pope - has given Europe its unique appearance and humanism”, this because of the innate characteristic of loyalty and sacrifice that is part of married life. "Europe would no longer be Europe - observes the Pope - if such a basic cell of society disappeared or were substantially transformed." He goes on to say that marriage and family are now affected by the erosion of their "values of stability and insolubility," because of "the growing liberalization of divorce, the increasingly widespread habit of cohabitation”, because of the "different kinds of union which have no foundation in the cultural or legal history of Europe".

The Church - adds the Pope - can not approve "of legislative initiatives that involve the enhancement of alternative models of married life and family."   Read more.

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